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Brush and Lash Care

We want you to get the best from your Rebeluna products so taking care of them is the best way to do this. Follow our tips on product care…


Keep It Clean

To ensure a long life for your brushes product care is essential to keep them clean. A daily make up cleaning spray will help prevent product build up in the bristles but it is still essential to deep clean your brushes regularly. Never allow product to build up in the bristles. It is important to not let product go past the middle of the bristles (between the surface and metal part) as this will cause the glue to loosen and the bristles to shed and possibly fall apart. Deep cleaning your brushes with a brush soap/shampoo will remove trapped dirt and make up from the brush hairs, help keep the hairs soft and extend the life of the brush. Take care when washing brushes as water damage is the number one cause of damage to bristles/brush heads or handles coming loose. It’s also important to never steep your brushes in water as this will loosen the glue holding the bristles in place. Never leave a brush to dry on a radiator or warm surface as this can cause the glue to loosen and the brush to come apart. For tips on how to


As our lashes are re-usable it is important to look after them properly. Product care ensures you get the maximum number of uses from each set. When removing the lashes from the tray for the first time be gentle to avoid damage to the lash band. Start from the outer “tab” on the lash


First you will need to measure your lashes to the length of each eye lid. This will show you if the lash needs to be trimmed. Trim using a small scissors. Also trim the tabs from either side of the lash carefully to ensure the lashes are comfortable to wear. Once the lash is the correct size apply a small amount of glue (I recommend Duo Glue) along the lash band only. Allow to sit for 60-90seconds so the glue can get tacky. Then apply to the base of your


Always apply mascara to your own lashes before applying Rebeluna lashes as mascara can damage the false lashes. It is important to apply mascara as this will blend your own lashes with the false lashes.

Removing Rebeluna Lashes

To remove safely simply apply a water based (oil free) eye make up remover to a cotton bud, roll gently across the eye lid for a few seconds to loosen the lashes. We do not recommend peeling the lashes off without having loosened the adhesive as this may cause damage to the natural lashes on the eye lid. Once the glue has loosened you can remove

Cleaning Rebeluna Lashes

As the lashes are re-usable it is important to keep them clean over time. This ensures the lashes are hygienic to use on the eye area and also gives you the best chance of getting the maximum number of wears from each set. Soak a cotton bud in an oil free make up remover (such as Bio Derma Micellar Water). Gently roll along the lash band to loosen the glue. Very gently remove the excess glue using a tweezers taking extreme care to avoid damaging the lash band. Allow lash band to dry for a few minutes. Once the lash band is dry place lashes back on the tray and into

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